Green Tea Benefits – How to Get the Maximum Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea benefits are widely accepted and increasingly well known. it’s getting to be a popular drink across much of the world. It’s a tasty, more healthful replacement for black tea, coffee, or soda.
Because it has a mild flavor compared to black tea or coffee, I like to drink it plain, freshly steeped for three to five minutes in water that’s not quite boiling when I pour it into the cup. To me, no cream, milk or sugar is needed to enjoy the green tea benefits.
If you like some extra flavoring, you can find tea bags with lemon, peach and a wide variety of other flavors added. I have one tea in my kitchen cupboard with blueberry flavor and some natural blueberry antioxidants, and I keep that for a relaxing evening cup while I read and wind down from the day.
Rather than cream and sugar — which add flavor but also empty calories, I’d suggest you try one of the flavored teas I just mentioned. Or try adding a twist of lemon if all you need is something to cut that slight bitterness of the tea. A little honey or the natural sweetener called stevia are also good choices.
If you’re curious about what’s in there that creates all the green tea benefits, here you go:
– It’s packed with polyphenols, natural antioxidants that give tea that little touch of bitterness.
– It’s very rich in six specific polyphenols known as catechins, much more than black or oolong tea.
– Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most active and studied of tea catechins, and the one believed responsible for many of its health benefits.
– And tea contains alkaloids such as, you guessed it, caffeine (although green has less than black tea or coffee), which is the natural stimulant.
For sensitive people, caffeine can cause a rapid heartbeat and inability to sleep. Caffeine also crosses the placental barrier, so pregnant women might want to skip all regular tea, coffee, colas and other beverages containing caffeine.
The best news: all the benefits are available without caffeine or even the need to brew a cup. Some supplements contain quality tea extract without the caffeine.
While I still drink tea instead of coffee almost every day (I like it, and it’s good for me), I also take a supplement that contains tea extract and many complementary natural antioxidants that give me the maximum green tea benefits.

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