Green Tea Benefits Without Drinking It

By now, you’ve probably heard about green tea benefits. The great news is you don’t necessarily have to drink the tea to get the benefits! Green tea extract is available in a pill form and, when used in combination with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, it can give you all of the health benefits with none of the drink.
Antioxidants are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. green tea benefits not only your overall health, but can also help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and many other ailments. It can be used a part of a healthy weight loss regimen because it boosts your body’s metabolism of fat, but does not raise your heart rate like so many other fat burners available today.
Many people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, or just don’t have the time to eat a healthy diet. Green tea extract can help you get your daily recommended dose of nutrients like EGCG, antioxidants and bioflavanoids, which help fight free radicals in your body. You can get green tea extract as part of a comprehensive multivitamin supplement, which will contain other therapeutic compounds that enhance its benefits.
For thousands of years, green tea health benefits have been used in eastern medicine to help treat common ailments and conditions. Headaches, digestion, and even depression are just a few of the problems the Chinese have treated with green tea.
Tastes vary from person to person. Maybe you would like all the disease fighting, health promoting power of green tea, but can’t stand the flavor. That’s fine now. Just take the green tea extract in a pill form and forget about choking down that beverage. The supplements even come in a caffeine free variety allowing you to get all of the green tea benefits without the caffeine that some people can’t have.
Many people advancing into their older years find themselves developing conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, and digestive problems. Or maybe you’re younger and at risk for these conditions, or have a heightened risk of cancer.
Green tea extract, when combined with a healthy lifestyle and other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, can help you to reduce your risk of these diseases. You can use it as part of a cholesterol lowering regimen, and don’t have to worry about the side effects and risks of traditional medications. Of course, you should always consult your physician before starting any supplement, herbal or otherwise.
There’s really no way to go wrong with green tea. The power of this little herbal extract can help extend or save your life when taken properly. green tea health benefits are endless.

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