How To Drink Green Tea – Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is one of the strongest drinks. It is measured to be an “anti-aging beverage.” You’ve maybe caught a lot about the health benefits of green tea — encumbered with antioxidants and nutrients that are countless for your body and attention.

How much green tea should you drink?

These are some of the many advantages; however, the truth is one cup of tea a day will now not provide you all the plentiful improvements. The jury is out on how numerous cups are essential; some say as slight as two cups a day while others 5 cups. If you are wondering about going down this route, you can also choose to think about taking a green tea complement rather (it would maintain you out of the bathroom).

Green tea is extra than only a hot, green liquid. Every cup of green tea is crammed with antioxidants and can anticipate coronary heart problems, enhance Genius function, and reduce your possibilities of creating certain cancers. But it is vital to serving green tea authentic to reap all the advantages of this healthy, green liquid.

Drinking Green Tea

1- Hold your cup with your dominant hand while assisting it from beneath with your different hand. The container or “yunomi,” as it is known as in Japanese ought to be supported with each side. Using each palm is viewed to be well-mannered etiquette in Japan.

2- Drink the tea except gulping or making any sound. Avoid gusting on the tea to cool it down. In its place, set it down on the desk to let it cool.

3- Enjoy the tea, based totally on your desire and tastebuds. Ultimately the tea needs to style attractive and delicious to you, whether or not you pick it a bit bitter or higher muted in style or sweeter or milder in flavor. It’s necessary to drink a cup of tea that fits your palate.

Having Green Tea with a Meal

1- Pair green tea with mildly-flavored snacks that will now not compete with the taste of the drink. Your mild meal ought to encompass simple butter cookies, undeniable pound cake, or small rice crackers.

2- Go for a candy facet snack with your tea over salty. Green tea goes properly with candy foods, as the tea is bitterer than the food, and will reasonable the candy style of the food.

3- Try portion tea with mochi. Mochi is a Japanese sticky rice cake that is classically round in structure and dyed one-of-a-kind colors.

Mochi is accessible in savory and candy flavors. The candy model is recognized as Daifuku, which are spherical glutinous rice balls stuffed with candy components like a purple bean or white bean paste.

Brewing and Serving Green Tea

  1. Brew the green tea properly. Boil the water till it merely reaches a simmer, then cast off from warmth and wait 30-60 seconds earlier than the use of it so that it can cool down a bit.

The water temperature and first-rate of water you use to brew the tea are crucial small print to making a correct cup of green tea.

2- Rinse a teapot, ideally ceramic, with warm water. This is referred to as warming the pot and ensures the tea does now not get cooled down by way of the container itself.

3- Place your tea leaves in the warmed bowl. If possible, attempt to use free tea leaves for more celebrated satisfactory tea, as adverse to tea bags.

The well-known tenet is one teaspoon (3 grams) of tea for every eight-ounce cup of water. So if you are serving yourself, use one teaspoon of tea. Adjust this quantity primarily based on the variety of human beings you are helping.

4- Pour the boiled water over the tea leaves and let them steep. The steeping time relies upon on the kind of green tea you are using. Generally, you need to steep inexperienced tea for 1-3 minutes.

Green tea that is steeped too lengthy will style bitter and have an unbalanced flavor. So strive now not to over steep the leaves.

If the tea tastes very mild, use extra tea leaves or steep the leaves for a minute longer.

5- Take out a set of ceramic cups. Traditionally, Japanese green tea is usually served in small, ceramic cups with white color inside so that you can see the color of the tea. Using ceramic mugs is necessary due to the fact the pot and cups will affect the style of the tea.

A typical Japanese tea provider wills vicinity the pot, cooling vessel, mugs, tea coasters, and fabric on a tray.

The measurement of the containers is additionally regarded very important, as the smaller the cups, generally, the higher the pleasure of the tea being served.

6- Pour the tea into the cups in thirds. The first pour of brew is weaker than the remaining pour of tea, so to make sure the taste is equally allotted in every cup, fill every cup a 0.33 of the way. Then go returned and fill the 2d 1/3 in every cup, and then subsequently fill every cup all the way. This is referred to as “cycle pouring.”

Never pour any individual a full cup of tea, as this is regarded impolite. Ideally, the container must be about 70% complete.

7- Avoid including any sugar, milk, or different components to your tea. Green tea has a great taste and, if appropriately brewed, tastes delicious on its own.

If you usually drink sweetened and flavored tea, the style of “raw” inexperienced tea might also appear off-putting at first; however, strive a few cups earlier than making up your mind.

8- Reuse your tea leaves. You can regularly get up to three brews from the equal leaves. Do this by way of clearly pouring the warm water over the leaves in the pot and steeping for an identical quantity of time.

Five fitness advantages of green tea

Here’s a listing of green tea’s splendid powers — benefits that you can also no longer have been conscious of. Some of these advantages are nevertheless being debated, so please do your lookup if you desire to use green tea for medicinal purposes.

Weight Loss

Green tea will upsurge metabolism. The polyphenol exposed in green tea works to strengthen tiers of fats oxidation and the fee at which your physique turns meals into calories. Check out this article if you prefer to locate out more fabulous about this:


Green tea interestingly helps adjust glucose degrees slowing the upward shove of blood sugar after eating. This can forestall excessive insulin spikes and ensuing fats storage.

Heart Disease

Scientists assume green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, supporting maintain them remain cozy and higher in a position to face up to modifications in blood pressure. It may also additionally guard towards the formation of clots, which are the fundamental reason for coronary heart attacks.

Esophageal Cancer

It can limit the hazard of esophageal cancer. However, it is additionally extensively thinking to kill most cancers cells in widespread barring unfavorable the healthy tissue around them.


Green tea decreases terrible cholesterol in the blood and recovers the percentage of good cholesterol to evil cholesterol.

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